About Medical Legal Illustration

Medical legal illustrations help juries understand and remember complicated medical issues. Medical legal art is different from academic illustration because it is often less complex and is specific to explaining your case. The impact of credible and clear exhibits can result in increased verdicts. Below are a few ways my medical illustrations have assisted attorneys.



Medical device is hard to see



Enhanced with a simple illustration of the stomach, the gastric band and its access port

Illustrations help juries see relevant features in medical scans

Patient scans can be great evidence unless they are misread, or are confusing to a jury. Coupled with illustrations or orientation diagrams, patient scans can be more compelling.



Surgeon’s sketch of twin placenta



Simple placenta illustration using color to explain blood flow from each twin

Medical illustrations can make physicians’ sketches easier to understand

Physicians do not have time to create detailed drawings, nor do they often think about their work from the standpoint of a typical juror. Frequently they use visual examples from medical texts and atlases that include too much complex information. Medical illustrators can help translate from doctor to lay person with visuals that are clear and captivating.



Hard to visualize the condition of the right kidney



This detailed illustration helps explain the pathology of the right kidney (from scan above) with Xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis and staghorn calculus

Illustrations explain pathology or medical conditions unique to your case

Sometimes more detailed illustrations communicate the best. Juries may have accurate, but vague impressions about medical conditions. Medical illustrations can add precision and definition to lesser known procedures and conditions.